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McBrimar Show Home

McBrimar Show Home

Introducing the Holmes Hill Estate Show Home! Nestled in the picturesque Oamaru in North Otago, South Island, this exquisite dwelling is a testament to modern living at its finest.

Crafted with care by the talented team at McBrimar, every detail was meticulously designed with your comfort in mind. Imagine coming home to a haven where you can instantly unwind, whether it's with a soothing cup of tea on the window seat or a refreshing gin and tonic by the outdoor fire. And the best part? Say goodbye to tedious chores—the garden even waters itself!

From entry-level charm to high-specification elegance, this home showcases a range of design solutions that are sure to inspire every type of visitor.

The exterior cladding is our feature grade thermally modified timber option, TMT Taiga, which had a beautiful brown tone and distinctive butterfly knots that add a touch of unique personality to the cladding of this showhome.

Vertical Shiplap
TMT Taiga (Lunawood)
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