Alaskan Yellow Cedar Rusticated Horizontal Cladding

Rusticated Alaskan Yellow Cedar Cladding

Horizontal Rusticated

Beautiful profiles in a smooth, horizontal finish. Experience timeless charm of rusticated weatherboards - a traditional and popular exterior finish that never goes out of style. The distinctive horizontal lines deliver a subtle look, creating a visual effect that will enhance any architectural style from heritage homes to modern designs. These are available in a wide range of widths, depths, and timber species to suit any project or style.

Photo credits: Cox Street Residence by Coll Architecture || Imagery by Stephen Goodenough Photography

Available Species
TMT Tuscan Nordic Pine Rustic Cedar Western Red Cedar Alaskan Yellow Cedar TMT Taxon (Tulipwood) TMT Taiga (Lunawood) Iroko MicroPro® Treated Radiata Pine
Scope of Use

JSC RustiClad Horizontal Rusticated Shiplap Weatherboard Cladding System installation to be completed as per JSC RustiClad technical literature, within the scope of JSC RustiClad CodeMark Certificate CMNZ30081.

Codemark logos Rusti Clad

JSC RustiClad: Horizontal Rusticated Weatherboard Cladding System

RustiClad is a cavity-based system that uses horizontal shiplap weatherboards to create a timeless style. The Rusticated weatherboards fit into the JSC RustiClad Cladding System, which is a collection of different horizontal weatherboard profile types. JSC RustiClad Cladding System offers an enhanced and impactful exterior solution. 

The cavity-based exterior wall cladding system comprises of:

  • Horizontally fixed JSC Horizontal Rusticated Weatherboards
  • H3.2 treated timber castellated structural or non-structural cavity battens
  • Fixings
  • Coating systems
  • Flashings and accessories

Key Benefits of using JSC RustiClad Horizontal Weatherboard Cladding System

  • Fully tested and CodeMark certified for both flexible and rigid wall underlay options.
  • Available in a range of profiles, species, and finishes to cater all design requirements.
  • In-house factory coating system.

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