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Hemlock Timber Battens on Grad® Rail & Clipping System

JSC Clipp Batten System

Experience the seamless integration of form and function with the sustainably crafted JSC Clipp Batten System. Featuring an Grad® aluminium rail with the Grad® patented clipping system & selected Premium JSC timbers, this solution offers a beautiful design aesthetic while drastically reducing installation timeframes when compared with traditional timber batten systems. The sustainably sourced timber battens are the standout feature of this system and are expertly profiled right here in New Zealand. JSC is proud to offer this exclusive system to assist architects, builders, and homeowners alike.

Available Species
Western Red Cedar TMT Taxon (Tulipwood) TMT Taiga (Lunawood) TMT Tuscan Western Hemlock Nordic Pine Alaskan Yellow Cedar
Scope of Use

The JSC Clipp® Batten System is designed for use in both commercial and residential buildings. It is suitable for internal applications on walls, ceilings & soffits, providing a natural aesthetic and warm character that complements or contrasts with wider interior décor. The system is perfect for creating striking architectural features or accents without the traditional labour intensive process that comes with timber batten installations.

JSC Clipp® Batten System Features

  • Effortless Installation & Maintenance: The JSC Clipp Batten System guarantees straightforward installation, allowing for easy removal and replacement of individual battens when necessary, thanks to the lightweight nature of the Grad® aluminium system. Additionally, the system facilitates easy access to system components, such as to your HVAC, that are behind the installed batten through a patented removal tool, allowing for convenient maintenance and access. This not only saves time and money but also ensures that the system remains manageable and convenient to work with.
  • Tailored Aesthetic: Deliberate spacing between battens creates visual depth, and with a range of sizes available, allowing you can customise the look to meet your unique design preferences. We’re also happy to discuss any bespoke projects or specifications you may need. The system boasts a sleek, fixture-free appearance, ensuring a seamless finish. Additionally the use of sustainably sourced JSC timbers offers a wide range of colours and grains to suit your architectural projects.
  • Specifically Designed for Walls and Ceilings: The JSC Clipp Batten System is expertly engineered for walls and ceilings, ensuring optimal functionality and visual appeal in these areas. The combination of the Grad® system’s lightweight design and JSC’s timber products ensures that the system remains manageable and convenient to work with, even in challenging install applications.
  • System Material Composition: The JSC Clipp Batten System is crafted with sustainably sourced timbers and the elements of the system, are recyclable. All components are selected for their eco-friendly attributes, ensuring a
    responsible choice for your architectural projects.
  • Tried and Tested System - Grad® Patented Clipping System: For almost 20 years, the Grad® team has established itself as a product of excellence. This patented clipping system with invisible clips ensures a quality, reliable solution. This time-tested system provides peace of mind for your architectural projects.


Species Available

Note: Other timber species may be available upon request. Talk to a JSC representative about specific project requirements.


Depending on the species and application requirements, timber battens can be provided in dressed, bandsawn, and brushed finishes.


A select range of JSC timber species are available in combinations of 40x40, 90x18, 60x18, or 40x18 battens to achieve degrees of colour, texture or uniformity to complement your design context. Custom sizes are available on request.


JSC Factory coats all timber battens and can offer fire-retardant coatings for interior applications to ensure optimal performance and safety. Our expert team can provide advice on the right product and finishing for individual project requirements.

For further details and to explore our full range of timber products contact our sales team.



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