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Western Hemlock Interior Battens

Screens & Battens


Timber battens or screen walls are an opportunity to inject the beautiful and unique features of natural wood elements to any architectural project which can be used to create visual depth, spatial partitioning, and striking design features within commercial or residential spaces.

JSC stocks a range of species, finishes, and sizes to suit batten and screen designs for both internal and external use.

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Available Species
TMT Taiga (Lunawood) Western Red Cedar TMT Tuscan Alaskan Yellow Cedar Western Hemlock Iroko Tasmanian Oak American White Oak TMT Taxon (Tulipwood)
Scope of Use

Interior and exterior options. 

JSC's Timber Screens & Batten Specifications

Exterior Use

In external applications, as they are not part of the weatherproofing membrane, timber battens and screens can be installed at any angle, in variable spacing, and in any style. External screening can be used to create depth within an open space – with wide, broader battens – or privacy and intimacy – with narrower spacing and finer battens. Flexibility in both the design and application leaves the door wide open for architectural innovation and creativity, resulting in a huge range of unique and stylish applications that can be seen across many build and renovation projects in New Zealand.

Interior Use

Internally, timber battens and screens are a popular feature due to their natural aesthetic and warm character, eco-friendly attributes, and their ability to be coated, stained and treated to align with, or contrast against, the wider interior décor. The use of battens in bold horizontal or vertical layouts in partitions, ceilings, walls and balustrades, can create striking architectural features or accents, as well as provide that all-important functional purpose. An extremely popular trend seen in buildings all over the country, timber battens and screens are a stylish, natural feature for any application.

Finish, and available sizes:

Depending on the species and application requirements, timber battens can be provided in both Dressed and Bandsawn finishes. Our most popular sizing – 39x39mm and 45x45mm – is available across most of the JSC range, however our team are happy to discuss any bespoke projects or specifications that you may need.

Common sizes available: 42x42mm; 90x42mm; 140x42mm


JSC offers Factory Coatings for all timber battens, as well as fire-retardant coatings for interior applications, to ensure optimal performance and safety. Our expert team can offer advice on the right product and finishing, so contact JSC today to discuss your individual project requirements.

Benefits of Timber Screens & Battens

  • Privacy and Division: Create visual barriers for privacy and space division, while maintaining an open feel.
  • Aesthetic Warmth: Add a natural and inviting ambiance to spaces, enhancing both interior and exterior aesthetics.
  • Light Control: Filter and diffuse natural light, reducing glare and providing a comfortable environment.
  • Design Flexibility: Offer customisable patterns and textures, adding visual interest and architectural character.
  • Environmental Friendliness: The use of responsibly sourced timber, contributing to eco-friendly design practices.
  • Functional Sun Shading: Regulate sunlight and provide shade, improving energy efficiency and comfort.
  • Windbreak and Rain Protection: Act as windbreaks and rain screens, enhancing outdoor comfort and extending building life.
  • Acoustic Enhancement: Control sound reflections indoors, creating better acoustic environments.
  • Biophilic Connection: Integrate natural elements into the built environment, promoting a connection with nature.

These benefits can be applied to both interior and exterior settings, making timber screens and battens versatile design elements for a range of architectural projects.



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