Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum

A durable Australian Hardwood, guaranteed to last

Spotted Gum is a hard and durable Australian timber, ideal for applied and structural flooring. Highly resistant to decay and with natural oils, Spotted Gum both machines and finishes well, and can produce an appealing fiddle-back grain figure – a tightly curled grain, often seen on the backs of stringed instruments.

Harvested from sustainably managed forests, JSC Spotted Gum often displays regional differences in colour, ranging from pale grey-browns and creams through to rich, chocolates and greens. The ‘spotted’ refers to the mottled colouring that forms on the exterior of the tree as it sheds strips of bark.

Key properties of Spotted Gum

  • Hard, durable, and long lasting 
  • Highly resistant to decay  
  • Suitable for high-traffic flooring and decking

Interior use Exterior use
Wood Type
Sustainably Sourced Naturally Durable Naturally resistant to decay


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