Modular Family Home

Modular Family Home

Architecturally designed modular homes built for modern New Zealand families. This four-bedroom, 2.5-bath is spread thoughtfully over two stories allowing for plenty of space for a family to live.

The TMT Taiga cladding suited this build well as the client wanted a mix of dark and light on the exterior and due to its unique properties TMT Taiga can take dark colours well without dimensional movement. The knotty character of TMT Taiga brings a beautiful statement to this home. JSC TMT55 profile was used in a vertical shiplap application for a modern and contemporary look.

The middle section of the home was coated in JSC Scumble Nightfall which is a water-based product containing natural plant-based oil ingredients, high-quality pigments as well as UV inhibitors to ensure longer-lasting coatings and longer than-average times between maintenance applications. This was in contrast to the lighter and more natural-looking Dryden’s Clear Woodoil.

Vertical Shiplap
TMT Taiga (Lunawood)
JSC Scumble® Nightfall
Gilbert Homes

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