TMT Tuscan Bandsawn Sq

TMT Tuscan

Lighter Clearer Grade Thermally Modified Timber With a Uniform Tone

TMT Tuscan is a thermally modified product that provides exceptional durability, stability, and beauty.

TMT Tuscan is part of the JSC Thermally Modified Timber range, which is known for its highly durable and stable properties. This product is a clear-grade thermally modified timber option, similar to TMT Taxon, with minimal natural rustic and textural detailing. The only significant difference is the colour, with TMT Tuscan offering a lighter uniform brown tone. 

Key Properties of the JSC TMT Tuscan

  • Enhanced durability and stability

  • Low susceptibility to fungal decay and moisture retention

  • Consistent, warm natural finish

  • Ability to accept darker coatings and stains (both oil and water-based)

  • Easily workable and easy to maintain

  • Non-toxic and chemical-free, with a low environmental impact (treatment process)

  • Lighter uniform colour 

Uses of the TMT Tuscan

Supplied in good average length spreads, giving greater flexibility and design potential, TMT Tuscan can be used for a variety of applications such as cladding, interior timber panelling, screen and battens, and more. See the information sheet for more information.

For the fixing of TMT Tuscan weatherboards, only Stainless Steel fastenings must be used. For compliance documentation please contact us.


JSC TMT Tuscan takes a full range of oil and water-based coatings well and can accept darker coatings with a significant reduction in dimensional movement.

Interior use Exterior use
Wood Type
Thermally Modified
Thermally Modified Uniform Colour Light Weight Clearer Grade Accepts Dark Coatings Naturally Stable Naturally Durable


TMT Tuscan Information Sheet


Recommended Coatings

JSC has developed a range specifically for the New Zealand conditions to significantly improve the life of your timber.

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