JSC TMT Taxon coated in JSC Scumble Suede

Seascape Duets Glendowie

Seascape Duets Glendowie

Two Homes, One Vision in Glendowie

In Glendowie, Auckland, two distinctive residences by Mavis Homes and Fingerprint Drafting exemplify top-quality craftsmanship and architectural design. Spanning 879m², these family homes blend luxury with comfort, maximizing stunning views of local landscapes. The exteriors feature a striking mix of timber and aluminium cladding, with JSC’s Thermally Modified Timber standing out for its durability and aesthetics. Mavis Homes' commitment to high-end, functional family homes is evident in both residences. Home 1, with its artful timber and aluminium facade, and Home 2's blend of traditional warmth and modern style, showcase the versatility of JSC's products, including the visually striking TMT Taxon and protective Scumble Wood Oil. The layouts, from spacious family areas to private retreats, reflect a thoughtful design ethos, creating harmonious living spaces. These homes are a testament to Mavis Homes' dedication to quality and JSC's excellence in providing durable, aesthetically pleasing building materials.

Vertical Shiplap, Screens & Battens
TMT Taxon (Tulipwood), Western Hemlock
Mavis Homes

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