Western Hemlock

Western Hemlock

A cost-effective, quality solution for gorgeous interiors

The most plentiful tree species on British Columbia’s western seaboard, Western Hemlock is a versatile interior whitewood that is cost-effective, lightweight and visually appealing.

With a regular, straight grain, lustrous surface and near-uniform colour, Western Hemlock possesses a similar tone and finish to Western Red Cedar, but delivers cost savings, and uniform colour, making it the ideal solution for large-scale commercial projects with a refined, consistent finish in mind. It is ideal for most interior applications, such as screen battens, sarking, wall panels, and doors.

JSC Western Hemlock works well with both hand and machine tools, is available in long lengths, and can easily take fire-retardant coatings as well as stains and finishings.

Key properties of Western Hemlock:

  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Cost-effective in comparison to other softwoods
  • Light, consistent finish that stains well 
  • Available in long lengths for efficiency

Interior use
Wood Type
Sustainably Sourced Long lengths Uniform Colour Clearer Grade Hidden Fix Options Available Light Weight


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