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Good From Scratch Cooking School

Good From Scratch Cooking School

Good From Scratch Cooking School

A cradle of gastronomic creativity and passion.

Perched within Muriwai's scenic expanse, the Good From Scratch Cooking School stands as a beacon of culinary brilliance and design sophistication. The vision of esteemed chefs Michael and Belinda Van de Elzen has been brought to life by the team at Salt Construction in a space where aspiring chefs can hone their craft with passion and precision.

Architectural Palette: A Symphony of Textures

The architecture of the school is a thoughtful composition that balances the robust, raw textures of concrete and blockwork with the organic warmth of timber. JSC's Rustic Cedar Vertical Cladding graces the exterior, offering a tactile and visually engaging finish that evokes a sense of timeless elegance. The rustic allure of the cladding is accentuated by natural greying, harmoniously blending with the surrounding flora.

Structural Integrity with a Contemporary Edge

The incorporation of a Gable Roof and Structural Steel Trusses into the design ensures robustness and adds an industrial elegance that complements the vertical cladding. This combination of materials doesn’t just fulfill structural needs but also elevates the school's design ethos, resonating with the innovative spirit that the culinary school embodies.

Inside the Culinary Haven

Upon entering the school, one is greeted by a space that speaks volumes of modernity and functionality. The state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, lined against the spacious workstations, promises an environment where culinary arts are mastered. The open-plan layout allows for an unbridled flow of creativity and collaboration, essential for the educational journey of each aspiring chef.

Outdoor Alchemy: Spaces Crafted for Experiences

Beyond the confines of its walls lies an enchanting outdoor space, thoughtfully designed with an Outdoor Fireplace and versatile Sliding Screens. This area is not just for dining but serves as a versatile canvas for events and live cooking demonstrations. The Crazy Paving adds an element of playfulness, ensuring that every meal and gathering is imbued with memories and delight.

In Harmony with Nature

The integration of the cooking school within its natural setting is nothing short of poetic. The cladding's vertical lines draw the eye upward, mimicking the tall trees that surround the area, while the foliage creeps and intertwines with the timber, creating a living tapestry that changes with the seasons.

An Invitation to Culinary Excellence

We at JSC extend a heartfelt invitation to explore the Good From Scratch Cooking School—a place where the love for cooking is nurtured, and the architectural design resonates with JSC's passion for quality and sustainability. A place where the art of gastronomy and the integrity of design create an unrivaled educational experience.

Vertical Shiplap
Rustic Cedar, Nordic Pine
Salt Construction
Michael and Belinda Van de Elzen

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