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Green Homes Show Home - Hanley's farm

Green Homes Show Home - Hanley's farm

Introducing the Green Homes Show Home Hanley’s Farm, Queenstown - a testament to Green Homes' commitment to energy efficiency and superior construction, evidenced by its 6 HOMESTAR NZGBC rating and adherence to International standards ISO50001.

The classic elegance of the Green Homes Show Home is embodied in the stunning Bevel Back cladding, known as JSC's BevelClad Weatherboard Cladding System, supplied with our premium TMT Taiga timber coated in JSC Scumble® Wood Oil color Golden Sands. Fully tested and CodeMark certified, the Bevel Back cladding is renowned for its classic style, bold shadow lines, and solid aesthetic, making it an integral part of the Green Homes Show Home's exterior. This architectural masterpiece not only showcases a warm, rich timber tone with unique butterfly knots but is also protected by JSC Scumble® Wood Oil, a water-based exterior wood oil designed specifically for New Zealand's variable climate. Both TMT Taiga and JSC Scumble® are chosen for their sustainable aspects, aligning seamlessly with the Green Homes' eco-friendly philosophy.

Experience the harmonious blend of classic style, unmatched durability, and sustainable design at the Green Homes Show Home. For those captivated by excellence in craftsmanship and commitment to eco-friendly living, this home stands as an exemplar of architectural innovation. For more information visit Green Homes 

Horizontal Bevel Back
TMT Taiga (Lunawood)
JSC Scumble® Golden Sands on TMT Taiga
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