Huia Road 2

Huia Road Townhouses | Point Chevalier

Huia Road Townhouses | Point Chevalier

Sixteen new 90-180m2 townhouses located at 17-21 Huia Road in Pt Chevalier, this striking residential project showcases the design and construction expertise of Method Group. This project exemplifies their commitment to delivering bespoke, high-value solutions for their clients.

The exterior of the buildings feature TMT Taiga horizontal rusticated cladding, coated in JSC Scumble® wood oil in the colour Nightfall. There is a special unique blend of rustic and modern characteristics that have been cleverly utilised in this build.  The cladding's horizontal lines create a timeless and sophisticated appearance. The way the cladding extends up into the roofline gives the buildings an elongated, and wave-like aesthetic with the curved soffit, adding to the architectural elegance of the project. They have utilised TMT526 which is a 135mm x 18.5mm Rusticated Horizontal Cladding Profile with 107mm effective cover as well as a TMT524 is a 90mm x 18.5mm Rusticated Horizontal Cladding Profile with a 62mm effective cover have been used for the cladding. 

The contrast between the dark cladding and the white bagged brick finish creates a striking visual effect, adding depth and texture to the facade. The deep black Nightfall coating enhances the natural textures and knots, which become beautifully visible when illuminated at night or in the direct sunlight, creating a dramatic visual effect as well as lending a modern flair to the overall design. The wood oil includes UV inhibitors and environmental protectants, providing a longer-lasting finish that inhibits fungal growth and repels water and dirt.

The interior complements the exterior’s sophisticated aesthetic with minimalist decor and warm, natural lighting, creating an inviting living space. The seamless transition between the exterior and interior design elements showcases the project's cohesive and thoughtful approach to modern living.

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