Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Naturally durable, reliable and long-lasting

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is a slow-growing, solid tree originating from coastal Canada, and one of the hardest known softwoods. 

Considerably more dense than most commercial softwoods, Alaskan Yellow Cedar is a high-performing and exceptionally durable timber suitable for both interior and exterior needs. Naturally resistant to decay, water and impact damage, it is an ideal material for unique architectural applications and harsh, coastal environments. With a consistent grain texture and density, Alaskan Yellow Cedar is both easy to work and finish, holding coating and treatments well. This makes it perfect for a variety of uses, including cedar cladding, cedar panelling, cedar battens, and more. 

Key properties of Alaskan Yellow Cedar

  • Exceptionally durable and versatile

  • Ideally suited for coastal environments 

  • Naturally resistant to water damage and decay

  • Easy workability and acceptance of stains and coatings

  • Consistent colour and grain lines

Interior use Exterior use
Wood Type
Naturally Durable Clearer Grade Hidden Fix Options Available Uniform Colour Multipurpose use


Alaskan Yellow Cedar Information Sheet


Recommended Coatings

JSC has developed a range specifically for the New Zealand conditions to significantly improve the life of your timber.

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