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Invercargill Residence

Invercargill Residence

We're thrilled to highlight a recent project by Craig Smith from Smiths do Build and MAS Architecture, featuring materials supplied by JSC, in the picturesque landscape of Invercargill. This residence seamlessly merges modernity with natural charm, offering a tranquil living space that resonates with its surroundings.

JSC supplied Alaskan Yellow Cedar Vertical Shiplap cladding for the exterior, chosen not only for its exceptional durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions but also for its aesthetic appeal. Alaskan Yellow Cedar, renowned for its consistent pale yellow hue and fine, even texture, was carefully selected to complement the color palette of the home and to create a remarkable visual contrast against the lush greenery of the landscape. This choice, paired with a striking Gabled roof, not only allows for the incorporation of expansive windows that flood the living areas with natural light but also creates an impression of height and sleekness.

Inside, the residence exudes a modern and tasteful ambiance, with high ceilings accentuating the sense of space in the living area. Natural elements, including stunning timber features and herringbone flooring, seamlessly integrate with the sleek design, bringing warmth and elegance to every corner. The Alaskan Yellow Cedar is carried into the home and used in a horizontal rusticated orientation. 

In addition to the Alaskan Yellow Cedar, JSC also provided Vitex decking for outdoor applications. Vitex, a durable hardwood with a consistent pale yellow-tan to creamy-grey appearance, complements the overall aesthetic of the residence. Its proven performance and good working properties make it an excellent choice for decking and boardwalks, adding to the functionality and visual appeal of the outdoor spaces.

This project stands as a testament to the collaborative effort in creating a space that harmonises with its environment while offering modern living at its finest.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Cladding coated in Dryden WoodOil – Dune

Vertical Shiplap, Interior Timber Panelling, Hardwood Decking
Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Vitex
MAS Architecture Ltd
Craig Smith of Smiths Do Build

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