Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar

One the world’s most renowned and reliable softwood species

Western Red Cedar is one of the world’s most versatile and resilient softwood species, and one of North America’s most common renewable resources. Renowned for its warmth, character and natural durability, Western Red Cedar is an ideal timber for both interior and exterior applications. 

Available in long lengths with varied grain, Western Red Cedar is easy to work and finish, is exceptionally stable, and provides superior insulation value due to its low density. It is a high-quality and popular timber solution for a wide range of applications.

Key properties of Western Red Cedar:

  • Natural durability and dimensional stability 
  • Excellent natural thermal insulation 
  • High resistance to decay
  • Exceptional workability, finish and ability to accept stains and coatings

Interior use Exterior use
Wood Type
Naturally Durable Clearer Grade Multipurpose use Naturally Stable Natural Thermal Insulator Hidden Fix Options Available


Western Red Cedar Information Sheet


Recommended Coatings

JSC has developed a range specifically for the New Zealand conditions to significantly improve the life of your timber.

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