Makespace Project The Highland Waipu 00

Highlands Residence, Waipu

Highlands Residence, Waipu

Secluded Retreat with Captivating Coastal Views: Magic of The Highlands Build in Waipu

In Waipu, The Highlands presents a captivating retreat crafted by Makespace Build. This 168sqm property features four interconnected modules, harmonizing architectural finesse with the surrounding nature. Its exterior showcases striking dark vertical shiplap cladding, while the interiors are adorned with warm Western Red Cedar walls and ceilings, creating a striking contrast. The design ensures a perfect blend of elegance and functionality, from the meticulously chosen materials to the seamless layout. Notably, the exterior is enhanced with JSC TMT Taxon cladding and JSC Scumble Wood Oil, ensuring durability and low maintenance without compromising on aesthetic appeal. This project stands as a testament to Makespace Build’s commitment to integrating living spaces with their environment

Vertical Shiplap, Interior Timber Panelling
TMT Taxon (Tulipwood), Western Red Cedar
Nightfall on TMT Taxon
Makespace Build

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