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Inspiration+Co. Interior Designers. - Waikanae

Inspiration+Co. Interior Designers. - Waikanae

Inspiration+Co. Interior Designers' Stunning New Premises

Inspiration+Co. Interior Designers in Waikanae have transformed a former old building into their stylish new premises, featuring JSC’s timber products. The exterior is clad with TMT Taiga vertical shiplap, finished in JSC Scumble ® Wood Oil in shades of Steel and Ash, providing a sophisticated and modern look that catches the eye with its contrasting grey tones. The exterior also showcases TMT Taiga timber battens, coated in the darker Steel colour, adding depth and texture to the facade. JSC’s thermally modified timber (TMT) offers enhanced durability and stability, making it an excellent choice for both interior and exterior applications. The thermal modification process improves the timber's resistance to decay and moisture, ensuring longevity and reducing maintenance. Additionally, JSC Scumble Wood Oil not only enhances the timber's durability but also allows the natural characteristics of the wood to show through, even in the darker Steel tones, preserving the timber's unique personality and charm.

Inside, the same high-quality TMT Taiga timber is used in beautifully finished timber battens coated in JSC Coda Luxury Wax. These battens bring a touch of nature indoors, adding warmth and creating a welcoming atmosphere. They also function as elegant screens, subtly dividing spaces while maintaining an open, airy feel.

The renovation effectively combines modern design with natural elements, perfectly complementing the creative environment of Inspiration+Co. Interior Designers. The transformation has not only enhanced the building's aesthetic appeal but also created a functional and inspiring space for both clients and designers.

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