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Whangamata Coastal Home

Whangamata Coastal Home

In the heart of Whangamata, New Zealand, Chris and Joss embarked on a journey to build their home, enlisting the expertise of GJ Gardener. With carefully selected materials that contributed to the coastal charm and timeless elegance of their residence.

The exterior of the residence features a mixture of light, dark, and warm timber tones, evoking a special modern coastal feel. TMT Taiga vertical shiplap cladding, showcasing unique and distinctive butterfly knots, adds character and warmth to the home. This contrasts elegantly with the rest of the exterior walls, which are styled in a classic black and white palette. The timber cladding was coated in JSC Scumble Clear, allowing the natural beauty of the timber to shine through and allowing it to gradually silver off to a beautiful grey patina, while providing protection against the elements. All these neutral elements stand out beautifully against the lush green surroundings. 

The choice of JSC Scumble for coating proves to be instrumental in achieving a durable and visually appealing finish. The high-quality pigments in JSC Scumble contribute to a longer-lasting finish, inhibit fungal growth, and repel water and dirt, ensuring that the timber remains in pristine condition for years to come.

For the internal fences, a bold and sophisticated choice was made by using TMT Taiga coated in JSC Scumble colour Nightfall, which is a deep and almost black shade. This creates a striking contrast with the natural-looking timber used elsewhere in the home. The choice of Nightfall adds a touch of modernity and elegance to the home.

To maintain consistency with the exterior theme, the exterior of the property's fences are finished with a clear coating. This deliberate choice ties the home and surrounding spaces together while emphasising the exquisite contrast between the natural-looking timber and the dark, stained Nightfall colour.

This Whangamata project stands as a remarkable example of how thoughtful selection and application of quality products, and clever use of colours and textures can elevate the aesthetic and functionality of a space. 

Project Profile: TMT55

Vertical Shiplap
TMT Taiga (Lunawood)
JSC Scumble® Clear on TMT Taiga, JSC Scumble® Nightfall on TMT Taiga
GJ Gardener
Chris & Joss

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