Blenheim 1

Blenheim Cedar Stunner

Blenheim Cedar Stunner

The Marlborough Sounds is a simply stunning place to live in New Zealand but proposes its own challenges. The remote and coastal location exposes the home to some of the harshest environmental elements. Rob needed timber cladding that would perform and stand up to the ever-changing environment. Rob also required a decking timber that would not only complement the timber cladding and other building products but also one he could rely on for a lifetime. The JSC reputation for the best performing and most ethical timbers added to our close relationship with Rob and offered his clients trust in his choices of timber products.

“To achieve the highest standards of workmanship, we aim to collaborate with the highest quality professional tradesmen and with a select few trusted sub-contractors. We have worked with this team for many years and have established a high level of mutual trust and understanding.” – Rob Blick, Rob Blick Building

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