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Hornby Working Men's Club

Hornby Working Men's Club

JSC Timber worked with architects RM Designs on this extensive rebuild/renovation of the Hornby Working Men's Club in Christchurch. JSC's Alaskan Yellow Cedar was sourced for its durability and dense properties. For a commercial project of this scale, the AYC ticked all the boxes such as longevity, buildability, budget, and increased impact resistance when compared with the wood of a different grain structure such as Western Red Cedar.

WOCA Oil was selected as the coating, due to its intense teak colour tints, WOCA's longer recoating intervals, and good adhesion to the unique properties of Alaskan Yellow Cedar. When presenting options for this project, JSC presented their ethical and proven range of cladding possibilities; with the Alaskan Yellow Cedar quickly being selected by RM Design as being most suitable for the project due to its fit for purpose, clean grade, certification, longevity performance as well as the coatings renown functionality.

The random width profiles suited the project's design aspects and the thicker profile depth of 22mm with a thicker overlap shiplap, than normal 18mm thick weatherboards; added stability and a deeper negative detail which was embraced. The soffits purr with the continual lines and random width profiles leading to the sharp lines and angles of the beams and laminated posts.

The Iroko decking was also supplied by JSC timber completing the warm exterior cohesiveness and longevity of the entire project.

Vertical Shiplap
Alaskan Yellow Cedar
RM Design
Murray Hedwig

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