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Project Timber: Eastern Beach Home

Jamie Cobel
Project Timber

Eastern Beach House Auckland

Seaside Sanctuary: The Journey of a Decade to Craft the Perfect Family Beach House

Architecture: Matt Brew | Builders: Evolution Builders 

Discover the Decade-Long Journey of Crafting an Exquisite Auckland Beach House

This beachfront haven in East Auckland has been meticulously designed over close to a decade, evolving through various concepts to fulfill a simple yet profound vision: a welcoming single-family retreat for generations to cherish. Situated in an undeveloped coastal setting, achieving a perfect balance of beach views and privacy was paramount.

Careful planning went into the building's orientation, creating transitional spaces that pay homage to traditional New Zealand architecture. The strategic positioning parallel to the beach maximises water vistas, while a sprawling private garden with a pool, orchard, and vegetable patch completes the rear.

As you step through the courtyard gate, a sense of seclusion embraces you. A grand pivot door leads to a corridor connecting living spaces and the pool. Ascending the stairwell rewards you with breathtaking sea panoramas. Upstairs, bedrooms offer captivating views, and carefully crafted architectural details play with light and shadow in a mesmerising dance.

The exterior features Western Red Cedar cladding and Iroko hardwood beams, mirroring the beach's natural tones. Grid patterns and screens add visual intrigue while preserving privacy without sacrificing sea views. The interior continues the theme with cedar panelling, travertine floors, bronze accents, and warm timber cabinetry. The result is a home that exudes both sophistication and comfort, inside and out.

"There’s a simplicity to the building, but there’s also an underlying complexity to it and the nice thing is you don’t see it straight away – you discover it." Matt Brew

For the full story and a deeper dive into the materials and design choices, download the article now."

JSC Products Used In This Project

Western Red Cedar Vertical Shiplap Cladding


Iroko Beams


Western Red Cedar Interior Panelling


Western Red Cedar

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Eastern Beach House

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