Hilton Hotel

Hilton Hotel

Situated on the edge of Lake Wakatipu at Kawarau Falls Station, the 5-Star Hilton Hotel’s natural materials palette accents were largely inspired by the local environment of the Central Otago region. With breathtaking views, the buildings have used the steep landscape to its advantage by anchoring themselves on the hillside and maximising the views from the hotel.

The Exterior -> Rusticated Weatherboards & Vitex Decking

Peddlethorp Architects specified traditional and versatile JSC Rusticated weatherboards as it offers unique horizontal negative lines that accentuate the grain structure and natural beauty of the Western Red Cedar, making it a perfect choice to fit into the stunning Otago landscape.

Vitex decking has been used throughout the project. Vitex is a renowned choice for durable hardwood decking for its smooth fine grain and natural aging to a silver-grey colour. JSC-sourced Vitex is NEPCon Certified true Vitex which ensures that there is better land management and business practices that benefit people, nature and the climate.

The Interior -> Western Red Cedar Battens

The interior mimics the natural environment outside. The use of the Western Red Cedar battens inside has brought a natural warmth and tranquillity to the interior of the Hilton.

The use of timber is known for its health benefits. It is found that exposure to timber products and the use of it in interiors has similar health benefits to spending time in nature.

Horizontal Rusticated, Hardwood Decking, Interior Timber Panelling
Western Red Cedar, Vitex
Peddle Thorp Architects
Marina Mathews Photography

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