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Project Timber: Tauranga Crossing

Sam Hartnett
Project Timber

Tauranga Crossing

Tauranga Crossing: Innovative Shopping Experience

Architect: Warren & Mahoney

Architect-Designed Shopping Hub: Tauranga Crossing Unveils Unique Timber Interior

Located at Tauriko in Tauranga city’s Western growth corridor, Tauranga Crossing is the newest regional shopping centre of over 35,000m² designed by Warren and Mahoney architects, featuring Western Hemlock battens in the interior of the shopping complex, and JSC's MicroPro Radiata Pine in the exterior fencing.

Western Hemlock battens 
Western Hemlock was selected for the Tauranga Crossing interior for its availability in long lengths, near-uniform pale straw colour, and stability in service due to vertical grain structure. The cost saving over Western Red Cedar also offers advantages in large scale commercial projects. This product has a Zone penetrating fire retardant, giving it a 1s fire rating.

JSC MicroPro Radiata Pine Exterior Fence
A premium Radiata Pine Clears product, EverGreen is a local solution that is classified FSC Mix and not finger-jointed. It is also treated with MicroPro, an environmentally-friendly H3.2 product, which is compatible with other building materials. This product is cost-effective and available in many 20mm thick weatherboard profiles for added stability and visual depth.

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