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Project Timber: Corsican Cove

Emile Hussell
Project Timber

Corsican Cove

Picturesque architecturally designed home is located in Queenstown 

Architecture: Kerr Ritchie

The main home boasts a cathedral ceiling with vertical shiplap timber panelling that adds to the overall grandeur of the project. The attention to detail in the design ensures that the home takes full advantage of its location and provides stunning views of Lake Wakatipu.

The exterior of the home is stunning and impressive, featuring a natural palette of stone, concrete, and a greyed-off deck that contrasts boldly against the dark-coated vertical shiplap and pops of colour from the natural environment.

The TMT Taiga cladding provides a unique and rustic quality to the project, where the timber features oval-shaped “butterfly” knots throughout, giving the build a distinctive look that blends in well with the natural backdrop of the Queenstown landscape. This premium sustainable timber cladding is thermally modified to withstand New Zealand’s harsh weather conditions. It is heat-treated with no use of harmful chemicals, which enhances its durability and stability, and in turn, adds to the longevity of the build. To ensure the cladding remains protected from the elements, it was coated with JSC Scumble Wood Oil in the colour “Nightfall.” This product is a high-quality exterior wood oil that provides long-lasting protection while still maintaining the natural beauty of the timber.

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