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Western Hemlock Interior Timber Panelling

Interior Timber Panelling

The perfect way to seamlessly connect your interior to the natural environment, timber panelling can fully transform any residential or commercial space. Used as traditional wall or ceiling coverage, or as a feature wall, timber interior panelling adds warmth, character and distinct natural characteristics to any project.

Available in a wide range of timber species and profiles, sizes and finishes, JSC’s interior panelling range provides enormous scope for design creativity and innovation.

Photo Credits: Kohe Way by Hurley Architects | Craig Butland Photography 

Available Species
MicroPro® Treated Radiata Pine Farm Totara TMT Taxon (Tulipwood) Alaskan Yellow Cedar TMT Tuscan Western Red Cedar Western Hemlock Iroko Tasmanian Oak Rustic Cedar American White Oak TMT Taiga (Lunawood)
Scope of Use

The JSC Interior Panelling & Sarking guide outlines the installation of JSC Timber panelling to internal applications.

JSC's Interior Timber Panelling

JSC offers a wide range of dressed and bandsawn profiles, including fascia, for your interior. Profile species can be adapted for internal panels or walls, louvres, fins, or interior partitioning.

Fully dressed and bandsawn timber profiles can be equally adapted to exterior batten systems for both structural and decorative applications, creating exceptional design options.

Common sizes available: Available in a range of profiles in widths from 65 - 150mm+

JSC's Interior Timber Panelling Benefits

  • Aesthetically beautiful - where the natural wood grain adds warmth and character to any interior space
  • Provides durability -  Timber panels are highly resilient and can withstand everyday wear and tear. This provides long-lasting performance, making it a sustainable choice for interior wall coverings. It also means the timber panelling can handle minor impacts and scratches without significant damage.
  • Ability to be refinished. Timber panels can be sanded, stained, or painted to refresh or change the appearance over time. It allows for flexibility in adapting to evolving interior design trends or personal preferences. It also offers the opportunity to restore the panels to their original beauty if they become worn or damaged.
  • Thermal retention - Wood has natural insulation properties, contributing to improved energy efficiency in buildings.
  • Indoor-outdoor flow - Interior panels can be customized to match the exterior profiles of a building, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. It enhances the overall design coherence and aesthetic harmony between the interior and exterior of a property. It lastly provides a sense of continuity and connection with nature, especially when used in areas with access to outdoor views or gardens.



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