Arrowtown House 1

Project Timber: Arrowtown House

Paul McCredie
Project Timber

Arrowtown House

Award-Winning Sustainable Home

Architect: Kerr Ritchie Architects

Efficient Dynamics Award Winner: A Thoughtful Approach to Sustainable Home Design

Nestled harmoniously within its surroundings, this award-winning home embraces a unique shed-like design to minimize its environmental footprint. Pete and Bronwen, inspired by Arrowtown's guidelines, transformed a small house into a collection of interconnected forms. The use of Bevel Back Weatherboards not only adds contemporary style but also embodies stability and durability. This innovative approach earned them the prestigious BMW Efficient Dynamics Sustainability Award, recognizing their commitment to responsible resource utilization in sustainable home design.

JSC Products Used In This Project

Western Red Cedar Bevel Back Cladding


Western Red Cedar

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