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Project Timber: Goodside & The Grange Smales Farm

Mark Scowen
Project Timber

Goodside & The Grange Smales Farm

A Sustainable Transformation: JSC's Collaboration at Smales Farm

Design: Izzard Design 

Build: Rucon Construction 

Sustainable Materials and Expertise: Transforming Goodside and The Grange at Smales Farm

In the thriving suburb north of the Harbour Bridge, JSC collaborated with Rucon Construction and Izzard Design to create the vibrant hub of Goodside and The Grange at Smales Farm, Takapuna.

Our 100% FSC-certified Cumaru timber, renowned for its class 1 durability, forms the robust exposed timber framework of this vibrant commercial space. Its impressive weight and density make it a reliable choice for heavy-duty applications, ensuring lasting strength for the years to come. Sustainability is at the core of our selection, aligning perfectly with our environmental values. Alongside, our Vitex decking offers not only durability but also an inviting aesthetic. The light uniform colour of Vitex complements the Cumaru and American White Oak, creating a cohesive look that resonates with the high volume of visitors frequenting the space. The seamless transition between the American White Oak flooring and the Vitex decking creates a cohesive indoor-outdoor experience, essential for a space like Goodside.

This thoughtful combination of materials not only demonstrates our dedication to quality but also underscores the strong relationships we have with our trusted suppliers, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.

At JSC, we not only understand the intricacies of commercial projects but also provide expertise in recommending fit-for-purpose products. This amazing project exemplifies our dedication to working alongside building professionals when crafting spaces that harmonise functionality and aesthetics.





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